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Warp 01

Warp 01 is an on-going self-initiated project inspired by my interest in AI created design. Warp involves taking digitally-created recognisable patterns and distorting them through a software algorithm (plug-in) to create a playful yet familiar print.

Created in collaboration with UX designer G.Morgan, the plug-in for photoshop behaves unpredictably, distorting the artwork. The resulting artwork is then printed through an analogue method, such as screen printing, to introduce depth and texture. The colour palette is generated by, an AI colour palette generator that uses deep learning.

Although designed with menswear in mind, the prints also work well for homeware. Going forward, I would like to develop the plug-in for a more sophisticated and varied response. I would also like to work with a weaver to develop the prints into jacquards to add a further element of tactility.

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